The Unusual Possession of Alistair Stubb – David John Griffin

There is plenty of style as well to compliment the substance, the settings are wonderful, all seem to be old and decaying, suggesting impenetrable mysteries and the villagers are fascinating as they seem to rarely meet and when they do, to not form much in the way of relationships, Muchmarsh is an odd place but I like it for its peculiarity and its abiding enigmatic atmosphere.The book almost feels like one of those stories that is a curiosity but stands up better than most of those types of books, this is one to relish, outside of the norm and satisfying. I found the twists were not always what I was expecting and that engaged me more to this strange town, grounded in the customary way but beneath the surface a chaotic mix of ambiguities and conundrums.

Source: The Unusual Possession of Alistair Stubb – David John Griffin

The Earliest Flower in Arctic

The Earliest Flower in Arctic

My Footprint

It was cloudy and i was so depressed, i thought a ride might light my up. so i started my ATV and run around 20 miles away from the town along a snow/water swamped  gravel road. After arrived a small laydown area behind a mountain where it is shielded from strong dominant W-N wind. i found this tiny but vigorous pink flower, its name is Purple Saxifrage, the ealiest blooming flower on tundra, because of this, it is the floral emblem of Nunavut. It can grow on very rocky ground and adapted to arctic climate. It often flowers while the snow is melting. Many tiny leaves cover the plant’s short stems. The flowers grow above the cushion of small leaves, therefore the name of cushion plants.
this is the tiny Purple Saxifrage:
 080619-Purple Saxifrage

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