The Illuminated Manuscripts of Alberto Sangorski

Alberto Sangorski is an artist who should be of special interest to all who appreciate great picture-making. Little is known about this artist or his works by illustration enthusiasts, because he specialized in illuminated manuscripts. Very little of his work ever made it into print, and most of his books were hand-crafted wonders for wealthy collectors. Some editions of his work were available in elaborately reproduced volumes with gilt edges. Others were not so carefully manufactured.







The Internet Archive has a scan of this book from a finer print edition by the Graphic Engraving Co. for Chatto & Windus, which you can see HERE.

Sangorski (1862-1932) created his work during the Golden Age of Illustration, starting his trade as a secretary to a goldsmith, then, at the age of 43, moving on to work for his brother’s bookbinding company, Sangorski and Sutcliffe. This bindery is still considered one of the finest in the world.

Source HERE

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