Booklist Online Review – A Carpet of Purple Flowers ~ Book 1

Bea lives a quiet life as the owner of a second-hand bookstore. She enjoys cups of tea and her newfound solitude, having just left a toxic relationship. However, her life is irrevocably changed when she bumps into a man named Karian and discovers a world she never imagined existed, that of the Sidhe, along with two loves—Karian and Chance. They hail from opposite sides of the Sidhe war, which ignited when Princess Alithia was murdered hundreds of years ago. Though Bea is human, her soul is that of the slain princess, and she is able to see the Sidhe that reside concealed in England. Chance understands Bea as the woman she is, while Karian recognizes her as his past love, Alithia. Bea can envision futures with both men and cannot decide which to follow. McCartney relies on Bea’s emotional relationships with Karian and Chance to build their love triangle rather than on their sexual chemistry. Fantasy fans will wait eagerly for the next installment in McCartney’s series, enchanted by the complicated love story and the surprising cliffhanger ending.

— Amy Dittmeier

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